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Hello All, 

We are lucky to share with you today our guest blogger Oliver Roberts! Oliver is Brewmaster & Director of Brewing Operations at Wolverine State Brewing Company. He was kind enough to share with us his new creation the Imperial Dark Lager called Massacre which will be available at Champs soon! 

I hope you all enjoy!

~Dave aka Junior

This year’s Massacre was wrought with challenges we as a brewery have never faced, with calm, patient reserve, and a few extra pints to enjoy here and there while we waited for this brew to be ready, we managed to create our best version of this Bourbon Barrel Aged Lager to date. This is the fourth year of Massacre and we as brewers are proud to bring this beer to a much larger group of people. We quadrupled the amount we made in 2015, and refined the beer to be what we have always wanted: a big, bold, silky, bourbony ­smooth, dark lager with a sturdy alcohol backbone.

In the nose is sweet bourbon, with soft sugar and malt, hints of cocoa and mild roast. The flavor is layers upon layers of malt, bourbon, and a mix of dark dried stone fruits coated in dark chocolate. The body of this dark, looming brew is full and coating, which begs for sipping and savoring. The finish on this unique lager is exactly what you don’t get from all the big, barrel aged beers out there…the crisp and clean lager finish the Wolverine State Brewing Co. is known for.

Each sip of Massacre brings a new experience and with a rich aged cheddar, or creamy aged Gouda the hidden secrets of Massacre can be released. Each bottle of Massacre was hand ­dipped by one of Wolverine State’s staff members, from the brewers, to the kitchen staff, to the bar staff, everyone at Wolverine had a hand in this year’s Massacre . We hope you enjoy this lager as much as we enjoyed getting it to you.


Oliver Roberts


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