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With fall quickly swooping in its the time where German beer comes to life. With that being said the grand ole’ question is what is Oktoberfest? The story behind the beloved Oktoberfest begins with a wedding. The marriage of  King Ludwig I,and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. The marriage was celebrated out in afield in front of the city wall with the entire city of Munich. The grand finale of the event was what brought about the tradition of Oktoberfest was the horse races. The field where this monumental event was held was later renamed Theresienwiese which stands for Theres’s Field in German, but the locals refer to it as Wiesn. Today Oktoberfest is the largest festival in the world with roughly 6 million people attending in 2014. When celebrating Oktoberfest remember that the correct way to say cheers at the festival is “Prost”. At last years Oktoberfest nearly 2 million gallons of beer was consumed during the festivities, that is enough beer to fill 3 olympic sized swimming pools.


Now that we know about the festival, let’s talk beer. Technically Oktoberfest beer is only beer brewed within the city limits of Munich. All the beers that are Oktoberfest beers must be labeled Oktoberfest. Original Oktoberfest beers were brewed beginning of fall and ended in spring because of the warm season months causing off tastes and bacterial infections. Most commonly the beer would be brewed in March. They were then fermented and stored in cool, dry areas to allow the beer time to ferment. Oktoberfest beers are typically a darker or copper color, a middle of the road hop flavor, with an ABV of around 5%-6%. These Beers will typically be labeled as Bavarian Märzenbeir style brew. To celebrate Oktoberfest Champ’s Pub will be offering the following beers.


Sam Adams Octoberfest is an American take on their version of this classic style blend with hearty malts for a deep, smooth flavor with notes of caramel. It’s ABV is 5.3% with an IBU of 16.

Hofbrau Oktoberfest is an quintessential Oktoberfest Brew; brewed from pure water, the best quality malt and exquisite hops. Offering 6.3% alcohol by volume and a clean, crisp edge, it is a vital part of the Oktoberfest experience. As unique as the Oktoberfest itself! Hofbräu imports the same beer, from the same batches that are made for its own tent at the Oktoberfest