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Most of us midwesterners are not familiar with the name Ballast Point. Hopefully after this blog and after our tap takeover on Friday, November 29th you will all be better acquainted with this craft beer. Ballast Point, a product of San Diego California was started by Jack White… No not the White Stripes Jack White. Jack found his love for beer during his time at UCLA and started doing some home brewing. After graduation from UCLA in 1992 Jack opened up a homebrew store called Brew Mart. Brew Mart was your one stop shop for all your brewing ingredients, supplies. Not long after Brew Mart opened the first employee was hired and the brewery was created in the back of Brew Mart in 1996. If you haven’t noticed yet, Ballast Point’s theme is very nautical. Thier logo is actually a sextant, a device used for navigation at sea. Ballast Point’s whole ideology is to make a better beer. To create a better amber ale Ballast Point created their very own proprietary yeast strains.

The main reason for today’s blog post is to talk about the beers we will be hosting at our Ballast Point Tap Takeover Friday, November 29th. Before being approached by Imperial Sales Rep Sean Cotton I didn’t know much about Ballast Point. I know when when Sean says “I’ve got something you should try” I know to take those words seriously. Sean and I sat down and we started talking about the beers. I started to realize that these guys at Ballast aren’t messing around. All the beers we will have on draft are rated 89, 98, 100, and 100… let’s be honest, that is a damn good report card that any parent would be proud of! So now let’s talk about the beers we will be hosting.

Calm Before The Storm Cream Ale: This tempered weathered cream ale is brewed with cold Caffé Calabria coffee and a hint of vanilla. This beer is designed to be an all weather ale. With an ABV of 5.5% and an IBU of 15 it is a lighter bodied golden beverage with a beer rating of 89. Any of our delicious burgers would accompany this beer. I would stray away from spicer dishes with this one.

• Grunion Pale Ale: This is the beverage that started it all for Ballast Point. It was born and raised in the back room of the Brew Mart store. the Grunion is an American Style Pale Ale with an abundant hop recipe giving off a melon and herbal aroma with a caramelly malt sweetness. This beer rolls up to the ring with a 5.5% ABV and an IBU of 35. Grunion would go well with any of Champ’s Seafood dishes or a side of any of our cheesy treats.

• Sculpin India Pale Ale: Sculpin is the beer that really excites me personally! Why you may ask? Well because of the hops on hops that this beer has with it. This IPA has hops added to it five different times throughout the brewing process. Sculpin is a very highly regarded IPA not only because it was a beer given a rating of 100 point but also that it is a gold-medal winning IPA. Sculpin will have you tasting hints of mango, peach, lemon, and apricot. This IPA has an ABV of 7% and an IBU of 70. It would be best with any of our spicier dishes including a Champ’s Special.

• Victory At Sea Imperial Porter: Just about everything about this beer is big. From its flavor, its 10% ABV, and its whole vanilla beans with San Diego’s own Caffe Calabria coffee beans, also it has a perfect beer rating score of 100. Typically with a porter you can have some very strong roasted flavors but this beer defies tradition, this Imperial only provides subtle notes. This sweet and caramelly brew has an IBU of 60 and would go best with a buffalo or yak burger.

Happy Drinking,

Dave aka Junior