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Over 130 Different Bottle Beers and 17 Brand of Beer on Draft!

Please Note:
Persons under 21 years will not be permitted after 10:00pm without legal guardian.



Some helpful descriptions ...........

ALE: Fermented at higher temperatures with a top fermented yeast giving it a fruity characteristic.

BOCK: The first beer that is drawn in the spring from the vats. Strong in flavor and dark in color.

HEFEWEIZEN: German for "yeast-wheat". Rich, smooth and refreshing.

LAGER: Bottom fermented and aged for a longer period of time.

LAMBIC: A fruit fermented style of wheat beer unique to Belgium.

MICRO-BREWED or CRAFTED BEERS: Produced in small batches in order to preserve the unique flavor and quality.

PILSNER: Golden colored, dry and bottom fermented.

PORTER: Dark ale brewed with a roasted, bittersweet taste. A lighter-bodied companion to stout.

STOUT: An extra dark, almost black, top-fermented brew. Full flavored, hearty, roasted malt and bitter.

"Beer's intellectual. What a shame so many idiots drink it." Ray Bradbury

USA Bottles

    Not Available for Carry-out


USA Bottles Made in Michigan USA Micro-Breweries & Crafted
Imports Draft Beers Non-Alcoholic Beers
Malt Beverages English Mead Wine Coolers  
Wine by the Glass Non-Alcoholic Beverages
All % are Alcohol by Volume
LC = Low Carb                       O  = Organic            All % are Alcohol by Volume
Budweiser (4.65%)
Light (4.16%) (LC)
Select "55"
Shock Top (5.2%)
Busch (4.72%)
Light (LC) (4.1%)
Coors (4.55%)
Light (LC) (4.0%)
Michelob (4.8%)
Light (LC) (4.3%)
Ultra (LC) (4.2%)
Genuine Draft (4.7%)
Genuine Draft Light (4.2%)
High Life (4.7%)
Lite (LC) (4.2%)
Pabst Blue Ribbon (4.7%)
Red Bridge Gluten-Free
Rock Green Light (LC)
Rolling Rock (4.69%)
Strohs (4.6%)


"I am a firm believer in the people.  If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any
 national crisis.  The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer. 
Abraham Lincoln

"It was a wise man who invented beer."  Plato


Draft Beers

Please check the board for our ever changing selection.

"You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline - it helps if you have
some kind of football team, or some nuclear weapons, but in the very least you need a beer."
Frank Zappa

Malt Beverages

Mike's Hard
   Cranberry Lemonade
Mike's Hard
Smirnoff Ice (5.0%)
Smirnoff Twisted
   V Raspberry (5.0%)

"I don't think I've drunk enough beer to understand that." Terry Pratchett



Framboise Raspberry
Stella Artois
Labatt Canadian Ale
Blue (5.34%)
La Fin DuMonde (9%)
Canadian Ale (4.96%)
Terrible (25 oz) (10.5%)
Czech Republic
Pilsner Urquell (4.18%)
Crispin Hard Apple Cider
   Honey Crisp
Well's Banana Bread
   Beer (16oz)
Beck's (5.13%)
Beck's Light
Erdinger Hefeweizen (12oz)
Hacker-Pschorr (5.5%)
Schnelder Weiss
St. Pauli Girl (5.3%)
Amstel Light (3.63%)
Heineken (4.85%)
Heineken Light
Guinness Black Lager
Guinness Pub Stout (16 oz)
Harp (4.73%)
Smithwick's (5%)
Red Stripe
Asahi - Super Dry (21oz) (4.51%)
Corona Light
Dos Equis Amber
Modelo Especial
Skull Splitter (8.5%)

 "I never drink water.  Look at the way it rusts pipes."  W.C. Fields


Made in Michigan
Michigan is now home to many different brands and varieties of micro-brewed beers.  Here are the ones we carry at Champ's Pub.

Grand Rapids
Founders Red Eye (6.4%)
Michigan Lager
Traverse Cherry Wheat
Voodo Vador
   Dopplebach (9.5%)
Elk Rapids
Bellaire Brown
Huma Lupa Lucious
Pandamonium Pale Ale
Bell's Amber Ale (6.0%)
Bell's Kalamazoo
    Stout (6.5%)
Bell's Third Coast (5.2%)
Bell's Two Hearted


Dark Horse IPA (6.0%)

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."  Benjamin Franklin


USA Micro-Breweries & Crafted

Abita Springs, LA
Purple Haze
Blackened Voodoo Lager
Big Sky, MT
Big Sky Moose Drool Brown Ale (4.1%)
Boston, MA
Angry Orchard Cider
Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
Samuel Adams Lager (4.9%)
Samuel Adams Light (4.0%)
Chico, CA
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (5.0%)
Denver, CO
Blue Moon
Belgian White (5.4%)
Breckenridge Brewed Agave Wheat (4.2%)
Breckenridge Brewed Avalanche (5.4%)
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter (4.7%)
Golden, CO
Killian's Irish Red
Longmont, CO
Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout


S. Burlington, VT
Magic Hat #9
San Diego, CA
Arrogant Bastard Ale (22oz)(7.2%)
Shiner, TX
Shiner Bock
LC=Low Carb / O= Organic / GF= Gluten Free


"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk.  That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."
Ernest Hemingway

"24 hours in a day.  24 beers in a case.  Coincidence...maybe"  Anonymous


Malt Beverage

Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade
Mike's Hard Lemonade
Smirnoff Ice (5%)
Smirnoff Twisted V Raspberry (5%)
Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade
Smirnoff  Twisted Watermelon (5%)


Non-Alcoholic Beers

O'Doul's (USA)  

"I have never needed a beer so bad in my entire life." Hank Hill



Made by fermenting honey, this ancient drink of jolly old England has largely been replaced by other fermented drinks, most notably, beer.
Our offering comes from California.


Wine Coolers

   Wild Berry
   Strawberry Daiquiri


Wines From Michigan By The Glass

Grand Traverse Semi Select Sweet Harvest Riesling
Grand Traverse Semi Dry Riesling
Sandhill Crane Staccato Sweet Red
Sandhill Crane Overture Semi Sweet White


Wine by the Glass

House Wines
White Zinfandel
Dry Rose
   Le Petite Caboche-Rose
    (Rhone Valley
White Wines
Cavit Pinot Grigio (Italy)
Chateau St. Michelle Gewurztraminer (Washington State)
Concannon Sauvignon Blanc (California)
Domaine de Couron Viognier (Rhone Valley)
Jovly Vouvray (France)
Michelsberg Piesporter ( Germany)
Sterling Chardonnay (California)
Red Wines
Blackstone Merlot (California)
Cable Car Pinot Noir (California)
Lindemans Shiraz (Australia)
McManis Cabernet Sauvignon (California)
Menage a Trois Red Blend (California)
Pagano Chianti (Italy)
Roscata Rosso/Doice Sweet Red (Italy)
Viglio Barbera D'alba (Italy)
Zolo Malbec (Argentina)

"Everyone must believe in something.... I believe I'll have another drink." W.C. Fields


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Iced Tea
Raspberry Iced Tea
Diet Coke
Mellow Yellow
Ginger Ale
(Free refills) (To go - $1.25)
IBC Root Beer (12 oz.)
Sprecher Cream Soda (12 oz.)
Hot Chocolate
Juices: Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry, Pineapple, Tomato, Apple
Coffee, Hot Tea


"Work is the curse of the drinking classes." Oscar Wilde


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Persons under 21 not permitted after 10:00 pm without legal guardian!


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